tricot 3


The brilliant, appropriately named, third album from Tricot, who sing in their native Japanese and utilize unpredictable song transitions, melodic post-rock-inspired sounds and jazz-influenced instrumental breaks to develop an unusual and distinctive sound that consists of pop harmonization and emotional vocals over complex rhythms.

Pressing Info:

first press:
/500 - Electric Blue in Black
/500 - Clear/Pink half/half
/300 - 180g Black
/200 - Navy/White Aside/Bside

second press:
/750 - White + Translucent Amber

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Track List:

  1. Tokyo Vampire Hotel
  2. Wabi-Sabi
  3. Yosoiki
  4. DeDeDe
  5. Sukima
  6. Pork Side
  7. Pork Ginger
  8. Echo
  9. 18,19
  10. Namu
  11. Munasawagi
  12. Setsuyakuka
  13. Melon Soda
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