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Upbeat and whimsical indie pop meets themes of loss, remorse, relationships and uninvited advances. gobbinjr (lower case please) is Madison, WI-native turned Brooklynite Emma Jerk Witmer’s unapologetic project. Her debut album manalang (again, leave your caps at home) is the blunt, peachy child of Witmer’s angsty yet sophisticated approach, creating a bedroom-panorama of earwormy, hazy melodies.

Following manalang, Witmer released the vom night EP which explores the darkest depths of a depressed mind while on an intergalactic journey, diving in the sea, or time traveling. While the recording artist gobbinjr is one individual's unfiltered, unfettered statement, the band gobbinjr has been playing around Brooklyn and touring North America for years, meeting new friends and commiserating in shimmery sadness.

Entirely written, performed, recorded, and produced by Witmer herself, ocala wick is her newest effort, and Topshelf debut. It sees her building upon her previous work and refining her pop sensibility while honing in on themes of “creepy dudes at shows, not wanting to be sexualized at work and not reciprocating inappropriate advances.”

Pressing Info:

first press:
/200 - Translucent Blue w/ Purple Splatter
/200 - 180g Black
/100 - Orange/Cream Aside/Bside

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Track List:

  1. afraid of me
  2. bap feat. Heeyoon
  3. fake bitch
  4. whydoistillcare
  5. sorry Charlie
  6. november 163
  7. joaquin
  8. zitty mcgee
  9. friends
  10. immune
  11. politely
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