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Friend Oasis // Digital Festival May 1

We were so bummed to have to kiss our SXSW showcases goodbye this year, so we decided to revive our unofficial showcase as a digital get together of 12 of our favorites bands and all you good people online!

We are proud to present: ~* Friend Oasis *~

You can head over to our Twitch channel starting at 4pm to catch any of these amazing performers with set times as follows (times in EST):

Friday also marks Bandcamp Day #2, where Bandcamp will be waiving their platform fees site-wide on all purchases, meaning you can put more of your money directly into your favorite artists' pockets. We will be waiving our cut as a label this weekend as well, Friday-Sunday for all digital sales. If you'd like to purchase music from any of the Friend Oasis performers you can follow the above hyperlinks to their Bandcamp page :)

See you there!

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Cancelled Tours // 100% of Bandcamp Sales Going to Artists

Are you disappointed to see all the shows you were looking forward to in the next couple of months cancelled? We are too! (so are our artists) - in light of 250+ cancellations disrupting so much in our roster's lives we've routed 100% of Bandcamp sales directly to the artist through this weekend.

If you were planning on seeing any of the following bands in the next few weeks, please consider buying their album instead. If you've got expendable income right now, a little goes a long way (◠‿◠✿)

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addy // "Eclipse", the anticipated debut LP, out today

Today is the day! The debut LP "Eclipse" from addy is now out in its entirety, and we're so excited for you to hear it. This record is like a hot cup of perfectly brewed coffee on a cold, quiet morning; take it in, sit with it, let it warm you up.

"His contemplative, moving material sounds simultaneously warm and intimate, and these organic and synthetic sounds contrast each other spectacularly, awash in Adam Watkins's sugary, quavering vocals."
-Gold Flake Paint

"Watkins’ style is a folky acoustic sort of thing, but he surrounds his voice with gooey synths, giving himself a homespun orchestral sort of grandeur. His music is pretty and chilled-out, but it’s not really lo-fi. It’s got more confidence than that."

If you haven't done so yet you can order a copy of any of our 3 special vinyl variants, or grab a cassette or CD to take with you anywhere \ (•◡•) /

'Eclipse' on red in cloudy clear vinyl (limited to 150 copies)

& catch addy on a few tour dates this spring:

  • March 7, 2020 - Richmond, VA
  • March 15, 2020 - Nashville, TN
  • March 17-21, 2020 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
  • March 23, 2020 - Baton Rouge, LA
  • March 24, 2020 - New Orleans, LA

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addy // "Eclipse", the title track from anticipated, forthcoming LP out now

addy is back with one more single preceding the March 6 release of their debut album "Eclipse". The title track "Eclipse" is out now, with accompanying animated video by Marin Leong.

Can't get enough of addy? Check out our "staff selections" playlist, featuring guest curation by lead singer Adam Watkins <3

With "Eclipse" right around the corner, this is a good time to get pre-orders in for cassettes, CDs, and/or 3 different styles of vinyl:

Listen to "Eclipse" on Spotify
Pre-order the album on vinyl, cassette, or digitally
Learn more about addy

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addy // new single "Easier" +plus+ curated artist playlist

Today we're happy to share the second single from addy's forthcoming record Eclipse, due out 3/6. "Easier" arrives alongside a curated playlist from the artist featuring a handful of exemplary and inspirational songs from the process of completing their debut LP. From Adam Watkins of addy:

"I put together this playlist of songs and artists that were constantly circling around this album. A lot of these bands I’ve had a long history with which makes it hard to pin point the aspect of a song that directly impacted my own. Still there are some obvious stand out features for me. The southern acoustic twang of Jason Molina and Big Thief, Yo La Tengo’s layered drum machines, Beach House’s keyboard sounds, Shauf’s orchestration and lyrical prowess, the homeyness of Hovvdy and Lomelda. The song Held is the kind of soft and honest head banger I crave to make. Tim (who plays bass and keys on the record) and I would spend these late nights where we put on that album and play ping pong in their basement that we later recorded a lot of the album in. Somewhere along the way it definitely got wrapped into the DNA of this project. I could easily say the same for the others here as well and feel they shaped and informed where I was at the time."

Check out the playlist, featuring "Easier", and keep an eye out for updates from upcoming featured Topshelf artists as they take turns taking it over ~ while you're at it give addy a follow on socials!

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addy // Debut album 'Eclipse' announced with the uplifting lead "Planted"

Yesterday we shared the news of yet another addition to the Topshelf roster in Richmond VA's addy. Led by Adam Watkins, addy dabbles in contemplative bedroom musings of friendship, heartbreak, and growth, brought to life through songs that are equally familiar and refreshing.

addy's first action as a newly minted Topshelf artist is the unveiling of the uplifting lead single, "Planted," taken from their debut full length, Eclipse, to be released on March 6, 2020.

listen to addy's "Planted"
pre-order Eclipse on vinyl, CD, cassette, or digitally

make sure to give addy a follow on socials as well!

art by Kevin Zweerink

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