Caravels / Octaves // Split LP, UK & EU tour in 2015

In the summer of 2010, Caravels and Octaves met for the first time. The world is a better place because of it (I think). We've released records for both bands previously, but this one's special. These two bands mean heaps to us — not just for their music, but also for the friendships we've forged with them over the years. Some of my fondest memories involve various levels of debauchery with these people, we all have the same stupid tattoo and I've long since lost track of how many times I've shotgunned a beer in a hotel bathtub with them.

To celebrate their friendship, both bands will be contributing two songs toward a split that we'll be co-releasing with Bridge Nine Records on January 20, 2015 on vinyl and digitally. To coincide with the album's release, both bands will be touring the UK & EU — dates and info below:

  • 14.01. GER Darmstadt - Oetinger Villa
  • 15.01. CH Schaffhausen - Taptab
  • 16.01. A Innsbruck - PMK
  • 17.01. IT Schio (Vicenza) - C.s.a. Arcadia
  • 18.01. A Vienna - EKH
  • 19.01. CZ Pilsen - Divadlo Pod Lampou
  • 20.01. GER Berlin - Tiefgrund
  • 21.01. GER Chemnitz - AC17
  • 22.01. GER Goettingen - T-Keller
  • 23.01. NL Utrecht - ACU
  • 24.01. FR Rouen - Emporium Galorium
  • 25.01. FREE TO BOOK
  • 26.01. UK Portsmouth - Edge On The Wedge
  • 27.01. FREE TO BOOK
  • 28.01. UK London - The Black Heart
  • 29.01. FR Lille (tbc)
  • 30.01. BEL Dendermonde - JH Zenith
  • 31.01. GER Cologne - Privat

The Facebook event page for the tour is here.
See the album track listing.
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Topshelf Records 2013 Official CMJ Showcase // #tsrCMJ

We always try and make CMJ a really fun time, but this year's gonna be something else. We're getting The Jazz June to reunite, you guys!! A hugely influential band for this genre / niche, If you listen to most anything we've ever released, this band can almost assuredly be indirectly or even directly credited for it. We're honored and thrilled to have them onboard for this. Also playing will be Enemies (coming all the way from Ireland, no less), Caravels, Have Mercy & a very special ~yet-to-be-named~ guest.


After the show, and between sets, Tom Mullen of Washed Up Emo fame will be DJing only the best of the best tunes.

We'll also have an exclusive, limited Edition 7-inch record for everyone in attendance featuring "Hundred Years" by Caravels and a previously unreleased song from Prawn.

Tickets are on sale right now and are going to sell out, so hop to!

Incase you can't read the print on the poster, here's all the info:

October 19, 2013, 8:00pm @ St. Vitus — Brooklyn, NY

  • TBA
  • The Jazz June
  • Enemies
  • Caravels
  • Have Mercy
  • WashedUpEmo DJ set

$15.00, 21+, Get tickets.

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Caravels tour dates w/ Octaves, Frameworks, I Kill Giants & Old Gray

Fresh off the release of their long awaited and fantastic debut full length, Lacuna, Caravels will be hitting the road later this spring en route to and from this year's BLED Fest with Octaves, Frameworks, I Kill Giants & Old Gray in tow. Dates and info are below (heh, that rhymed):


  • 05/08/2013 - Las Vegas, NV @ Cack Shaq w/ Octaves
  • 05/09/2013 - Tempe, AZ @ Casa Cha Boi w/ Octaves
  • 05/10/2013 - Albuquerque, NM @ Gasworks w/ Octaves
  • 05/11/2013 - El Paso, TX @ The War Room w/ Octaves
  • 05/12/2013 - Denton, TX @ Dave's w/ Octaves
  • 05/13/2013 - Austin, TX @ The Annex at 1808
  • 05/14/2013 - San Antonio, TX @ The Korova
  • 05/15/2013 - New Orleans, LA @ House Show w/ Frameworks
  • 05/16/2013 - Tallahassee, FL @ St Anger House w/ Frameworks
  • 05/17/2013 - Birmingham, AL @ TBA w/ Frameworks
  • 05/18/2013 - Atlanta, GA @ WonderRoot w/ Frameworks
  • 05/19/2013 - Greensboro, NC @ TBA w/ Frameworks
  • 05/20/2013 - Richmond, VA @ TBA w/ Frameworks
  • 05/21/2013 - Frederick, MD @ The Rat's Nest
  • 05/22/2013 - Philadelphia, PA @ Thirst Mountain
  • 05/23/2013 - New York, NY @ Public Assembly w/ The Saddest Landscape
  • 05/24/2013 - Pittsburgh, PA @ 222 Ormsby w/ Old Gray / Prawn / Have Mercy / I Kill Giants
  • 05/25/2013 - Howell, MI @ Bled Fest
  • 05/26/2013 - Kalamazoo, MI @ Milhouse w/ Old Gray / I Kill Giants
  • 05/27/2013 - Chicago, IL @ Bikini Bottom w/ Old Gray / I Kill Giants
  • 05/28/2013 - Milwaukee, WI @ Michael Jordan's Skramz Dunk Arena w/ Old Gray / I Kill Giants
  • 05/29/2013 - Peioria, IL @ Broken Tree Coffee w/ Old Gray / I KIll Giants
  • 05/30/2013 - Nashville, TN @ The Hymen House
  • 05/31/2013 - St. Louis, MO @ The Radskeller w/ Old Gray / I Kill Giants
  • 06/01/2013 - Kansas City, MI @ Art Closet Studio
  • 06/02/2013 - Denver, CO @ TBA
  • 06/03/2013 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shed

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Caravels debut full length album, "Lacuna", now available for pre-order!

Let me bore you with a story for a moment. Caravels is a band from Las Vegas, NV that, a few years ago, became entirely too hard an entity for us to ignore out here on the east coast (not that we were trying to). Every time a band we work with would come back from a US tour and we'd catch up about how it went, Las Vegas and, more specifically, the hospitality and incredible live show of this band — Caravels — would be brought up. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.


We both ended up reaching out to one another — working on putting out a few records and becoming good friends since then. This time's different, though. I've always thought that this is a band that would really translate best over the course of an LP — in this case an actual long playing, full-length, ten-track album — not the steady stream of EPs and splits we've gotten since their start nearly a half decade ago as clueless (but well-intentioned) teens. That thought became an affirmation when we got mixes for the record a couple months ago. Artwork started coming together courtesy of Charlie Wagers' Three Bears Design (hire him!) and it quickly became overwhelmingly apparent that we had a great record on our hands here.

We're hoping you'll all agree.


Pre-orders are now up for Lacuna in CD, vinyl & digital formats along with a few package deal and bundle options.

You can also stream a new track from the record, "Hanging Off", over at Alternative Press.


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Pre-orders are now up for Caravels' "Floorboards" LP


Hey everyone! Pre-orders are now up for Caravels' epically fantastic Floorboards LP. The record was originally released by the band on CD and we are stoked to be putting this awesome record to wax. The record also includes the band's first release, Earthling Sessions, for a total of 9 brilliant tracks. Orders include an immediate download of the release and the first pressing is of 500 split between 100 White, 200 Yellow, and 200 Translucent Red. We also have an exclusive shirt designed by Ben Sears along with a few different package deals. Check it all out here!

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New release(s) from Caravels!


So, as we've already announced, we will be releasing Caravels' Floorboards EP on vinyl. Floorboards, which was originally released last summer by the band on CD and digitally by us, will see it's vinyl released on August 23rd. The vinyl release will be completely re-mastered from it's original version and will also include the band's first EP The Earthling Sessions as part of the album.

Caravels has also made plans to release a split with Virginia band Gifts From Enola. The band will be entering Earthling Studios this month to record their side of the split. The record will be a co-release between Topshelf and The Mylene Sheath and will be out later this year. More details on the split to follow. 

The Las Vegas outfit joined our roster last year and released a self-titled 7 inch in January of this year which you can listen to here and purchase here.

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Caravels join Topshelf Records


We are stoked to announce that we are going to be working with Caravels, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Fans of Defeater and Touche Amore should enjoy Caravels blend of modern hardcore and 90's screamo.   

The band will be entering Earthling Studios on October 23rd to record 2 new tracks with Mike Kamoo for an upcoming 7 inch that we are going to release later this year. 

Caravels self-released an EP earlier this year called Floorboards and we will be giving the album a digital release on September 28th.

Be sure to check them out and snag Floorboards from our webstore.

-Seth & Kev

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