Gregory Uhlmann // "Santa Fe", new single featuring Meg Duffy

Gregory Uhlmann has shared the second single from his forthcoming record Neighborhood Watch, with some assistance from a special friend and collaborator.

"Santa Fe" calls on youthful nostalgia with hypnotic synth and string motifs that wax and wane to the song's spacious ambience. Uhlmann enlists vocal talents from Meg Duffy (Hand Habits) on “Santa Fe,” helping turn out a charming reverie in which the songwriter warmly ponders the spring-break trips he took to visit his grandparents. Uhlmann's own vocal talents lend the song an entrancing pulse that breathes life into its idyllic verses.

Neighborhood Watch is a cozy portrait of grains of sand, cats, ants, getting colds, letting loose, feeling shy, watching movies, and being in love,” says the songwriter. Pre-Orders for Neighborhood Watch are live in our shop and on Gregory Uhlmann's Bandcamp. With three vinyl variants and cassettes shipping June 24.

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Gregory Uhlmann // Lead Single "Spice Girls"

Gregory Uhlmann has premiered the first single from his forthcoming second record, Neighborhood Watch, which we will be releasing July 24. "Spice Girls" premiered with Atwood Magazine, accompanied by a thoughtful write-up and interview. You can stream the single on your platform of choice :~)

The singer-songwriter and guitarist Gregory Uhlmann, a member of Perfume Genius, Fell Runner and the genre-bending improvising trio Typical Sisters, has in the past found loveliness in dark places. His acclaimed solo album of 2016, Odd Job, blended “lush, hypnotic, minimalist chamber-pop with compelling, introspective folk melancholy,” per the Big Takeover.

For Uhlmann, Odd Job came from a place of yearning and longing—an expression of a young songwriter looking back, often in sadness or regret or angst. But his new project, Neighborhood Watch, while also rich in melodic and textural allure, comes from a place of contentment. Consider it a meditation on domestic bliss experienced in early adulthood, an expression of the sweetness, good humor and fond reflections Uhlmann is compelled toward at this happy place in his life.

Neighborhood Watch is a cozy portrait of grains of sand, cats, ants, getting colds, letting loose, feeling shy, watching movies, and being in love,” the songwriter says.

"Rising and falling in heavy waves of lush overdrive & hypnotizing vocals, Gregory Uhlmann’s “Spice Girls” introduces his forthcoming second album ‘Neighborhood Watch’ with a raw, impassioned outpouring."

-Atwood Magazine

Neighborhood Watch is available to pre-order from our website and through Uhlmann's Bandcamp on digital, cassette, and three vinyl variants:

  • Light & Dark Brown "Wood" (limited to 100)
  • 180g Black (limited to 150)
  • Pink & Neon Red "Galaxy" (limited to 250)

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Crisman // "Surprise" Music Video Premiere

The Alternative has premiered the music video or Crisman's song "Surprise", with accompanying interview. Read the statement from Madeline Dowd, lead vocals and guitar for Crisman:

The video for “Surprise” revolves around dependency, letting go, and urgency versus patience. The story starts as the main character purchases ice from the local ice store. The video showcases a relationship between the main character and the bag of ice—they spend time together through activities such as playing basketball, going to the park, feeding the ducks etc. Eventually the ice starts to melt and their relationship starts to dwindle. The ice eventually melts away and the character is confronted with feelings of emptiness and loneliness. Being able to bury these emotions and ultimately come to terms with them is what this video is talking about.

"Surprise" was the first single from Crisman's self-titled debut album, released April 3.

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Thanya Iyer // Visual Album "KIND"

Thanya Iyer has shared "KIND", a ~20 minute film to accompany her forthcoming record of the same name.

Crucial questions around healing, cultural identity, and disability are among the many subjects visited by Thanya Iyer's sophomore album, KIND. Although represented by a concise title, KIND explores an expansive universe where Iyer and her band examine interpersonal relationships, ideas of home and destination, and our collective responsibilities to one another. To aid in this journey of big, difficult questions, Iyer enlists the help of a huge cast of musicians, with guest features ranging from brass trios, vocal sextets, flautists, and harpists.

You can find the film on Youtube or on our igtv, and if you like what you hear, you can pre-order KIND in our shop now <3

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standards // lead single "Special Berry" out now

Ring ring! It's standards calling with your daily dose of vitamin-c infused fruit rock ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

"Special Berry", the lead single from standards' debut full-length record (due out this summer), is out now and you can watch guitarist Marcos Mena play through this sunshiney bop with an assortment of quarantine-approved friends (stuffed animals). "Special Berry" represents the idea of something simple yet covertly complex, like a small blueberry with tart yet sweet flavor.

Get to know standards! Find them on Instagram // Twitter // Spotify // Bandcamp // Facebook

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addy // "Eclipse", the title track from anticipated, forthcoming LP out now

addy is back with one more single preceding the March 6 release of their debut album "Eclipse". The title track "Eclipse" is out now, with accompanying animated video by Marin Leong.

Can't get enough of addy? Check out our "staff selections" playlist, featuring guest curation by lead singer Adam Watkins <3

With "Eclipse" right around the corner, this is a good time to get pre-orders in for cassettes, CDs, and/or 3 different styles of vinyl:

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Crisman // second single "Cya" premiere & tour dates with Bellows announced

Crisman is back this week with a new single, "Cya", from their upcoming self-titled record due out April 3rd.

Crisman has also announced tour dates, including a NE run with roster pals Bellows this Spring:

  • March 21, 2020 - Denton, TX, US @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios*
  • April 09, 2020 - Ridgewood, NY, US @ Trans-Pecos
  • April 10, 2020 - Albany, NY, US @ The Linda - WAMC's Performing Arts Studio
  • April 11, 2020 - Cambridge, MA, US @ Lilypad Inman
  • April 12, 2020 - Philadelphia, PA, US @ House of Yarga

    *not with Bellows

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wanna go home wanna go home see you later see you later bye then ~(˘▾˘~)

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Ratboys // New single "Anj" and support shows announced with Wilco

It's been a big year for Ratboys already, and this week they can comfortably pat their rat backs for releasing another stellar single, "Anj", from their upcoming LP Printer's Devil (out February 28), and for announcing shows with fellow Chicago legends, Wilco!

You can catch Ratboys on the road pretty much nonstop for the next three months, but you can catch them specifically with Wilco:

  • 4/15 in Jackson, MS
  • 4/16 in Mobile, AL
  • 4/18 in St. Augustine, FL

Their headlining dates can be found on the nifty tour poster below ~

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addy // new single "Easier" +plus+ curated artist playlist

Today we're happy to share the second single from addy's forthcoming record Eclipse, due out 3/6. "Easier" arrives alongside a curated playlist from the artist featuring a handful of exemplary and inspirational songs from the process of completing their debut LP. From Adam Watkins of addy:

"I put together this playlist of songs and artists that were constantly circling around this album. A lot of these bands I’ve had a long history with which makes it hard to pin point the aspect of a song that directly impacted my own. Still there are some obvious stand out features for me. The southern acoustic twang of Jason Molina and Big Thief, Yo La Tengo’s layered drum machines, Beach House’s keyboard sounds, Shauf’s orchestration and lyrical prowess, the homeyness of Hovvdy and Lomelda. The song Held is the kind of soft and honest head banger I crave to make. Tim (who plays bass and keys on the record) and I would spend these late nights where we put on that album and play ping pong in their basement that we later recorded a lot of the album in. Somewhere along the way it definitely got wrapped into the DNA of this project. I could easily say the same for the others here as well and feel they shaped and informed where I was at the time."

Check out the playlist, featuring "Easier", and keep an eye out for updates from upcoming featured Topshelf artists as they take turns taking it over ~ while you're at it give addy a follow on socials!

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