Pianos Become The Teeth - Old Pride LP Pre-order

We are Super excited to announce that we will be releasing Old Pride, the sophomore album from Pianos Become The Teeth on vinyl. The pre order is up now!

The critically acclaimed album will see a first pressing of 500 12" on vinyl; split between 200 green and 300 white/green colored wax. All LPs will come with a digital download card as well as a 32x22 inch poster. We've put together several different pre order packages. To secure your copy, go here.

In related news, Pianos Become The Teeth is gearing up for its 40+ day US Summer Tour from June 11th - July 21. The full itinerary will be announced soon but you can check out the tentative schedule at the band's Myspace page.

We also have made a huge addition to our webstore. All of our releases now come with an immediate digital download of the album plus we are now offering every release digitally. To top it all off, we are having an awesome sale on digital albums right now: All Digital LPs are $5.00 and all Digital EPs are $2.00. Check it out here.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who came out to the Grown Ups / 1994! show Monday. It was an absolute blast and we're hoping to keep doing more shows like it. To stay in the loop on what we have going on for upcoming shows and events, sign up for the message board here. Thanks!

PS: Just saw the We Were Skeletons finished LP artwork and it looks so damn nice! Anyways, it's nice out, go outside!

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Topshelf to Release Rooftops Album on Vinyl

New Signing

Hey friends! We are thrilled to announce that we'll be releasing A Forest of Polarity, the debut album from Bellingham, Washington's Rooftops on vinyl. Pre-orders for the album will go up April 1st (heh, no joke) with copies hitting store shelves around the globe on May 18th. 

Rooftops take its brand of intricate math pop and layer it generously with acoustic guitars, horns, strings and percussion. The resulting arrangements create an impressive sound uniting math rock and post rock into something bold, new and exciting. The band adds vocals to the mix only sparingly but at brilliantly timed intervals for maximum effect. It is the bold, unbridled enthusiasm of math rock harnessed only by the restraints and subtle nuances of post rock. A Forest of Polarity is the sound of two becoming one. Can you hear it?

The band is streaming songs from A Forest of Polarity on its Myspace page. Additionally, you can download an mp3 for the song "Raft Easily" here. 

Beginning next Friday, Rooftops will embark on a month-long trek across the US with good friends The Americas. Check the dates below: 

MAR 12 - Bellingham, WA @ Plan B. w/ Dog Shredder
MAR 13 - Seattle, WA @ Ali Masterson's House w/ Throne of Bone, Dog Shredder
MAR 14 - Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur w/ Chung Antique
MAR 15 - Missoula, MT @ TBA
MAR 16 - Billings, MT @ TBA
MAR 17 - Sioux Falls, ID @ TBA
MAR 18 - Minneapolis, MN @ Star Bar w/ Fountain Heads
MAR 19 - LaCrosse, WI @ JB's Speakeasy w/ This Maching, Idle Ecstatic
MAR 20 - Chicago, IL @ Treasure Town (House) w/ Bad Words, Suffix, Socially Retarded, The Midwestern
MAR 21 - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's (Logan Square)
MAR 22 - Detroit, MI @ TBA
MAR 23 - Detroit, MI @ The Berkley Front w/ The Summer Pledge, Devilfish
MAR 24 - Cleveland, OH @ The Happy Dog
MAR 25 - New York, NY @ The Delancey w/ Ghastly City Sleep
MAR 26 - New York, NY @ Goodbye Blue Monday w/ Anna Weng, Madame Beak, The Suite Unraveling
MAR 27 - Amherst, MA @ Dad City w/ Yak Snot, Sleep Bellum Sonno TOPSHELF PRESENTS...
MAR 28 - Boston, MA @ PA's
MAR 29 - Philadelphia or Pittsburgh or Lancaster, PA @ TBA
MAR 30 - Bloomington, IN or Columbus, OH @ TBA
MAR 31 - Omaha, NE @ O'leavers
APR 02 - Napa, CA @ Slack Ranch w/ Goodriddler
APR 03 - Berkeley, CA @ Cloyne Co-Op w/ Goodriddler
APR 04 - Santa Rosa, CA @ North Bay Film and Art Collective w/ Goodriddler
APR 05 - Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda w/ Goodriddler, Surrogate
APR 06 - Redding, CA @ Downtown Eatery w/ Goodriddler
APR 07 - Seattle, WA @ TBA
APR 08 - Bellingham, WA @ TBA
APR 09 - Seattle, WA @ TBA
APR 10 - Wilkingsburg, PA @ The Mr. Roboto Project w/ In The Hollows
APR 11 - Portland, OR @ Rotture w/ Strange Holiday (ex-Tristeza), Secret Codes, Goodriddler

My Heart To Joy Sale on The Web Store:

For a limited time only we are having a sale over at our web store on My Heart To Joy's Seasons In Verse in both CD and LP formats for $6. Dude. That's mega cheap. $6 and only until March 16th so act fast. We also have three versions of the LP available so you can pick up the version that you don't have yet.

Topshelf Records Presents...:

We're putting on a few shows in the area soon. Come out!


We will have prints of each flyer at the shows and if any are left they will be up on our store.


In the last bit of news (thanks for reading this far!), we created a message board where all of you, us, our bands, other bands, other labels, some cool people, a few annoying people, but, like, mostly people instead of robots, can post interesting stuff and anything that they want. Dig it.

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We Were Skeletons / Rooftops Pre-orders

New Signing:

Sheesh, what a busy month! We are completely elated to announce the signing of Lancaster, PA's We Were Skeletons. We'll release the band's newest effort, a self-titled album on June 29th on both LP and CD formats. Look for pre-orders to begin around the first of May. The band's brand of screamy, chaotic hardcore should appeal to long-time fans of the genre. The album was recorded with Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere) at Dead Air Studios and is their greatest accomplishment to date. Imagine City of Caterpillar, Kidcrash, Off Minor and Hot Cross, all rolled into one breathtaking statement. We've been listening to it non-stop for months now. Basically on repeat. It rules. The art looks killer too. Nice guys to boot (backed hard). We're excited!

The band will be playing MACRoCk this upcoming weekend and also has several April shows lined up with label mates Pianos Become The Teeth (see below).

APR 03 - Harrisonburg, VA @ MACRoCk – The Artful Dodger w/ Algernon Cadwallader, Native, more
APR 09 - Reading, PA @ Roop Hall (Albright College) w/ Pianos Become The Teeth, Spraynard
APR 10 - Windsor, CT @ Chris Z's House w/ Pianos Become The Teeth, Grown Ups
APR 11 - Newton, NJ @ The Farm House w/ Pianos Become The Teeth, Black Kites
APR 16 - Bethlehem, PA @ Secret Art Space w/ Gods & Queens, Drowning With Our Anchors
APR 23 - Newark, DE @ University of Deleware w/ Paint It Black
APR 24 - Frederick, MD @ Fredrock Free Music Fest

Rooftops Pre-orders:

Lastly, just a reminder that the Rooftops pre-orders go up April 1st. Click here to check out package deals and see what's available in the store.

As always, thanks for the support!

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Pianos Become The Teeth

We're very pleased to announce that we've signed Pianos Become The Teeth and will be releasing the Baltimore, Maryland hardcore outfit’s sophomore album, Old Pride, in January of 2010.

The band has a melodic yet uncompromising sound that brings to mind such diverse and influential bands as Thursday, Envy and City of Caterpillar.

Brimming with sincerity and brandishing an experimental ambiance, the band is pushing beyond the boundaries of a stale genre. Mixing elements of screamo, hardcore as well as post rock, Old Pride breathes new life into a once decaying scene. Check them out (and add them) on Myspace.

-Kevin [kevin at]

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