Diamond Youth

Diamond Youth  
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Claiming Baltimore as their home, members of Diamond Youth are spread across Richmond and Chicago—creating an obstacle in terms of actually practicing as a band. However, using tools of the trade such as 3-way iChat, GarageBand and voice memos, Diamond Youth has released two EPs in their short tenure since the summer of 2012.

Despite the varying musical tastes of each member in Diamond Youth, they all share a very common back catalogue of bands who have inspired and defined their developing years as budding artists. From Weezer to Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and all the way back to the Beach Boys, the influence these bands have had on Diamond Youth is ever-apparent in the music they write.

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Sam Trapkin
Justin Gilman
Brendan Yates
Daniel Fang

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"Drawing influences from Queens of The Stone Age to Weezer, the album’s title track features upbeat hooks and rough-around-the-edges fuzz that invigorates like classic alternative rock".

"Their rippling, bummer euphoria is exactly the kind of breakneck, anthemic guitar music that still appeals..."

“The six-song EP is full of dreamy alt-rock, with plenty of "oooh-ooohs."”
-Alternative Press

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