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Full of Hell  


Aggressive and dogged in their musical attack, Full of Hell ain’t nothing to mess with. These Maryland natives have been holding it down lately with some of the most relentless sounds in today’s active hardcore scene. Experimental in approach, unforgiving in nature, Full of Hell have left a varied set of releases in their wake (see: two volumes of electronic noise) which include: a 7” demo (The Inevitable Fear of Existence), a 7” split with Germany’s Goldust (Get This Right Records), and the Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home LP (A389 Recordings). The band came to Topshelf in April 2012 with the dynamic Code Orange Kids split release. With plans for a sophomore LP and a UK tour by 2012’s close, it’s clear that this is the age of Full of Hell.

(Bio by Elise Granata.)

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Dylan Walker
Spencer Hazard
David Bland
Brandon Brown

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“I know what you’re thinking... with a name like Full of Hell, this Maryland band must be the latest in the ongoing batch of Entombed/early Swedish Death Metal worship that is so prevalent these days. And while Full of Hell dont shy away from that mouth-wateringly down-tuned guitar crunch, their hatred is channeled into a negative hardcore, crust, noise and grind on the new LP Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home.”
-Brooklyn Vegan

“Order through chaos. Beauty through noise. Full of Hell have a knack for taking these series of seemingly contradictory statements and melding them into one cohesively formulated sound.”
-Sputnik Music

“So far, I can only imagine what kind of awesome hurt this band is capable of live; if Full of Hell can make half of this storm [as they do on the LP] in a room with people, goddamn.”
-City Paper

“Full of Hell, who are making quite a name for themselves in the States with a few hyped releases, are fast and extremely pissed, wearing their super dark, Occult-evoking influences on their sleeves.”

“Take all the rawest, dirtiest and heaviest bits of Hardcore, Punk, extreme Metal, Grindcore, Sludge and even Power Electronics, give them to a bunch of young, angry and extremely motivated sickos and get wrecked.”
-CVLT Nation

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