A sprawling patchwork of the artist’s dreams and fears, Parannoul’s third album After the Magic explores the enigmatic solo artist’s life in the wake of his second album’s overnight success.

Expanding on the shoegaze-shaded emo that made Parannoul’s To See the Next Part of the Dream so beloved by lo-fi and indie rock fans alike, After the Magic sees the anonymous auteur striving to write a follow-up as worthy of acclaim as the last.

Across the album’s ten songs, Parannoul plunges yet deeper into his diverse pool of influences, coming back to the surface with a record that captures and extends the magic of its predecessor. Unexpected flashes of orchestral ambient and glitched-out electronica meld seamlessly with Parannoul’s signature passages of noisy, distortion-laden shoegaze, offering a real time glimpse into the maturation of one of indie rock’s most exciting artists.

In the artist’s own words, “This album is not what you expected, but what I always wanted.”

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  • 파란노을 (Parannoul)

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On the South Korean artist’s astounding third album, the past and the present, the real and the fake dissolve seamlessly into surreal, maximalist pop music.
-Pitchfork (Best New Music)

A kaleidoscopic burst of bass, synths, and ringing tones that sound absolutely out-of-this-world. It’s thick and so layered that you can pull apart the various pieces of it. It’s thunderous. It’s gorgeous.
-The Needle Drop (8/10)

This Korean artist’s third album is an impressive set of emotive, shoegazer psych-rock inflected at times with orchestral ambient, glitchy electronic and other styles, with dynamic, sometimes shapeshifting songs combining fuzzy guitars, strings, synths, piano and other instrumentation with soaring song hooks, wistful vocals and bittersweet melodies.

“We Shine At Night” is one of the most tactile compositions they’ve released yet, the kind of shaggy rock song you could actually imagine hearing out in the world and not just blaring from laptop speakers.

“We Shine At Night” retains the Parannoul signature blend of emo intimacy and skyscraping noise rock dynamics but brings in something a little looser and familial along the way, too.

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