Wished Bone


wished bone's debut ep, "pseudio recordings" was written, recorded and produced in an athens, ohio basement on a tascam portastudio four track. slim morrison writes, sings and strums, while thin charles drums, slaps and plucks.


Ashley Rhodus
Brian Kupillas



"Athens, Ohio’s Wished Bone is like Joanna Newsom with twice the Appalachian street cred. Their super lo-fi debut, Psuedio Recordings, is as weird as it sounds, but there’s an undeniable sweetness and smartness to tracks like “Witty Boys Make Graves,” which balance knowing cleverness and openhearted sincerity."

"[T]his is an incredible debut. The songs are simple: gentle acoustic guitar, a smattering of percussion and Rhodus’ sad lyrics sung in an warm, intimate warble."
-Fact Mag

"A subtly intoxicating, quietly magic, collection of songs that drift in and out of focus..."
-Gold Flake Paint

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