Crisman // Curate our "Staff Selections" Playlist

Crisman have taken the reigns on our "Staff Selections" spotify playlist this month, with 20 songs for your listening pleasure:

"The songs in here have inspired us in some way or another and end up in heavy rotation when we are in the van together. Overall these are songs that have made us just excited about making music and have showed us something new."


  1. Rollercoaster - Dear Nora
  2. To Know Your Tone - Hoop, Allyson Foster
  3. Drink You Dry - Minihorse, Anna Burch
  4. painting - waveform*
  5. Bedside Table - Bedhead
  6. A Minor Place - Bonnie “Prince” Billy
  7. Homecoming Queen - Sparklehorse
  8. Oh! - The Breeders
  9. Told - Poppies
  10. Stars Will Fall - Duster
  11. Volcano - Horse Jumper of Love
  12. Mythological Beauty - Big Thief
  13. Speed Trials - Elliott Smith
  14. Bullshit - Palehound
  15. SB's Truck - Happyness
  16. Germs - Acetone
  17. Dazed and Awake - Aerial M
  18. Some Things Last A Long Time - Built To Spill
  19. Sugarcube - Yo La Tengo
  20. Get Away - Yuck

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