They Are Gutting a Body of Water & A Country Western An Insult to the Sport


An Insult to the Sport is a split offering from the genre-defiant groups They are Gutting a Body of Water and A Country Western. Elements of breakcore, shoegaze, and obtuse slacker rock find home on An Insult, at times with no bridge at all between the disparate styles. In TAGABOW’s “The Brazil”, a stop-on-a-dime is the only thing that separates hazy slowcore and adventurous drum n bass, unambiguous evidence of the band’s penchant for iconoclast composition. A Country Western’s side of the split entertains similar stylistic mashups, opening with the atmospheric jungle of “Lung” before lurching into the alt-rock “Keeping up with the Joneses”, whose fuzzed-out lead riff calls back to bygone eras. On paper, the combination of styles may read as cacophonous or incompatible, but the end result is instead a measured contrast of sounds, a reflection of the inescapable influence of our chaotic time and the groups’ environments.

Pressing Info:

First press:

  • TSR258-1 - 180 gram black vinyl - /500 - 634457114531
  • TSR258-1A - blue-in-red vinyl - /700 - 634457114555
  • TSR258-1LE - blue-in-purple vinyl - /1000 - 634457114548
  • TSR258-3 - Gray (Sonic) cassette - /500 - 634457114562

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Track List:

  1. Elephant
  2. The Brazil
  3. Lung
  4. Keeping up with the Joneses
  5. Crossing out My Lines
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