A Country Western

A Country Western  


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  • Derek Hengemihle - guitar, vocals
  • Paris Parker - bass, guitar
  • Garrett Miades - drums, guitar
  • Erik Hilbert- guitar, bass

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The two bands have linked up for a new split [...] that sounds quite exciting — between them, the five songs on it bleed together and make for a murky, compelling vortex of sounds.

Though it pulls from decades past, An Insult to the Sport sounds like the future.

On these five songs, they both stretch “guitar music” in exciting and necessary new directions, with a clearly shared idea of what they want to sound like.

A Country Western and They Are Gutting A Body of Water transform total chaos into sonic bliss. [This EP] sees the two Philadelphia-based bands wage auditory assault with every fuzzy riff, blip, and glitch in their arsenal.

[...] piques the senses with sonic schisms, be it synthetic or electric, for two rising artists who’ve been quietly prolific in the background of the indie DIY scene, but maybe not for long…
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