Introducing: supernowhere

It is my immense pleasure today to introduce you, faithful reader of news posts, to the indefinable and indefatigable Seattle-based trio supernowhere.

We, like you (probably), are huge fans of bands/artists/music that can't be pinned down by conventional genre tags, or put in just one box. We tend to release music we're pulled to, for whatever reason, not music that sounds like a "Topshelf release", though perhaps the makings of a Topshelf release are actually that each record introduces another point on our scatterplot of 200+ releases (we're working up to TSR247 as I type this, though we've only announced up through TSR240). But that's enough of that, it's all just to say, supernowhere grabbed the attention of every person behind this label, and we are thrilled to get to partner with them in re-introducing their debut album Gestalt to the wider world, now available to stream on all platforms for the first time.

On their 2018 debut Gestalt, originally written and recorded in Vermont, and recently remixed and remastered by Dylan Hanwright (mix. Gulfer, mem. Great Grandpa, I Kill Giants, Apples With Moya), supernowhere juxtapose entrancing midtempo composition with slithery, arpeggiating melodies backed with melodic drumming. Bassist and singer Meredith Davey is at the forefront of most songs with her lilted voice that seems to glide effortlessly over the syncopated phrasings of her bandmates Kurt Pacing (guitar, vocals) and Matt Anderson (drums), with Pacing occasionally taking over vocal leads with a delicate, hushed voice that further enriches supernowhere’s atmospheric articulations.

This re-release arrives in full, available to purchase and stream digitally exclusively. We won't be rolling out singles, but we do want to highlight two tracks that would have been singles, had we been able to hop on this release back in 2018: "Truly A Great Night Like Many Other Nights", and "In The Field". If you just wanna dip your toes start there, but if you wanna dive in (highly recommended), just burn the whole record down. 12 delectable tracks, find Gestalt on all platforms.

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