TSR @ SXSW 2023

We’ll be at SXSW this year! Our 12th year, and our first time back since 2019! We and our artists have a lot going on all week. We’re throwing 2 showcases - an official and an unofficial.

Our official showcase is Thursday, March 18 at Cheer Up Charlies. We’ve got a sick ensemble cast of active and affiliated artists.

Entry is first come/first served, with a priority line for SXSW badges. If you don’t have a badge, there’s a ~$20 cover at the door.

RSVP here

8:00PM: Mal Devisa

8:30PM: Zenizen

9:00PM: Sobs

9:30PM: Teethe

10:00PM: Knifeplay

10:30PM: They Are Gutting a Body of Water

11:00PM: Sweet Pill

11:30PM: Their/They're/There

12:00AM: Ratboys

12:30AM: Weatherday

1:00AM: Elephant Gym

+ We’re throwing Friend Oasis 2023! In partnership with VNYL. It runs from 11am-7pm at House of Commons (6210 Rio Grande St, Austin TX 78705).

Friend Oasis is an unofficial SXSW showcase celebrating friendship and DIY culture. This year it's sponsored by Guayaki so come through for some Yerba Mate, if not for the insane lineup.

RSVP here

11:00AM: Thanya Iyer

11:30AM: Mal Devisa

12:00PM: Zenizen

12:30PM: Jobber

1:00PM: Snooper

1:30PM: Sobs

2:00PM: Sword II

2:30PM: Knifeplay

3:00PM: Their/They're/There

3:30PM: They Are Gutting a Body of Water

4:00PM: Goon

4:30PM: Sweet Pill

5:00PM: Teethe

5:30PM: Ratboys

6:00PM: Weatherday

6:30PM: Record Setter

We’re also sponsoring Union of Musicians & Allied Workers’ showcase in support of fair pay at SXSW. The showcase SXSW doesn’t want you to see :-) but holy hell is it important. Check out UMAW’s demands for fair pay at SXSW to learn some more about what SXSW currently offers artists and why it’s not enough. RSVP & more info here

Our bands are playing a billion shows this week. Go catch some!! All their shows below:


Sweet Pill

Elephant Gym




Thanya Iyer


Mal Devisa

Record Setter

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