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Peel Dream Magazine
Rose Main Reading Room


Across its fifteen songs, Rose Main Reading Room ultimately proposes a world of marvels and compelling complexity: “Oblast” cheekily prods at mutually assured destruction; “Ocean Life” explores the infiniteness within ourselves; while “R.I.P. (Running in Place)” unpacks an all too familiar stagnation. It’s all part of, and crucial to, Rose Main Reading Room’s transportive power, ever reaching for the wonder and magic of the world we live in. more info→

15 tracks

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After the Magic

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Parannoul - After the Magic Across the album’s ten songs, Parannoul plunges yet deeper into his diverse pool of influences, coming back to the surface with a record that captures and extends the magic of its predecessor. Unexpected flashes of orchestral ambient and glitched-out electronica meld seamlessly with Parannoul’s signature passages of noisy, distortion-laden shoegaze, offering a real time glimpse into the maturation of one of indie rock’s most exciting artists. more info →

On music discovery:

When writing about a song or album, the convention is to use the present tense. A piece of music, although representative of and influenced by the era in which it was created, is ultimately always experienced in ~the present~. We built this website while pondering ways that we could, at every turn, focus on discovery by bringing music we released years ago relevantly back into the present, challenging how we collectively talk and think about “new” music. Discovering new music is exciting, but so is discovering music that’s simply

new to you.

It’s our hope that you'll enjoy digitally crate digging through this online home of ours, finding and connecting with the 250+ albums we’ve released with 140+ artists from all around the world over the last 16 years. Directly below are a few of our favorites to get you started.

However you’ve found yourself here presently, thanks so much for stopping by! We couldn’t do this without your support and enthusiasm.

-All of us at Topshelf

i illustration by Dylan England of Del Paxton.
t   toe - For Long Tomorrow

For Long Tomorrow

Knifeplay - Animal Drowning

Animal Drowning

o Weatherday - Come in

Come in

p   Gulfer - S/T


A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Pono


A Great Big Pile of Leaves
s Record Setter - I Owe You Nothing

I Owe You Nothing

Record Setter
h e Sweet Pill - Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is

Sweet Pill
l   Ratboys - Happy Birthday, Ratboy

Happy Birthday, Ratboy

Elephant Gym - Dreams


Elephant Gym
f   Mid-Air Thief - Crumbling


Mid-Air Thief
NOW I SEE THE LIGHT (2024), toe’s fourth full-length album, is a bridge between the experimental restraint of their later work and the explosive abandon of their earlier output. From the opening tracks, toe balance serpentine passages against meditative repetition. On “LONELINESS WILL SHINE,” “サニーボーイ・ラプソディ,” and “NOW I SEE THE LIGHT,” Hirokazu reprises his role as part-time vocalist, breaking the band yet further from the instrumental work that formerly defined them. As a whole, NOW I SEE THE LIGHT closes the loop between early and late toe, giving them a clean slate for their new outlook. more info →


Air Guitar

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Dedicated to the power of pop music, Sobs are Singapore’s premier indiepop propagandists. A thirty-minute trip for the post-Internet consumer, Air Guitar calibrates inventive pop hooks for the indie rock lover, instantly accessible yet intricately arranged. more info →



Split 7

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This 7" vinyl features an exclusive track from both Ratboys and T.V.NOT JANUARY, released in honor of the bands' 2024 Japan tour.

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Third Wind

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While Vincent Ford and Gulfer’s other founding member, bassist David Mitchell, no longer contribute the majority of songwriting they once did, morsels of their original sound remain. Signature wistful vocals and oblique-yet-nimble guitars are still a fixture, as are thematic elements that touch on burnout, climate crisis, and losing touch with a difficult reality. But Third Wind’s stylistic turns are emphasized by deeper texture and simpler songwriting, influenced by the reemergence of 90s alternative and shoegaze. more info →


Peel Dream Magazine announce new album Rose Main Reading Room with the lush and gorgeous "Lie In The Gutter"

Peel Dream Magazine

Please welcome Peel Dream Magazine to the Topshelf roster! Their new album, Rose Main Reading Room, is a lush, inviting headphones record; the kind of album made to accompany city bus rides and rainy-day solo trips to accidental destinations. read more →


Ekko Astral emerges from the D.C. punk scene with a new standalone single "baethoven"

Ekko Astral

We're very hype to have Ekko Astral on the roster with their new song "baethoven"! These DC punks bring crashing drums, fuzzed-out guitar riffs, and a bewitching + frantic voice to our roster. Listen and check out their upcoming tour dates with Ted Leo read more →


Thanya Iyer // West coast tour dates with Land of Talk

Thanya Iyer

Our resident north-of-the-border multi-instrumentalist Thanya Iyer is headed out to the west coast to play some shows with Land of Talk!! read more →


Weatherday // Merch Sale and North American Tour with Panchiko and They Are Gutting a Body of Water


Sputnik is bringing Weatherday's music back on the road this spring, with a full backing band. This time, they'll be supporting Panchiko and They Are Gutting a Body of Water, who we released a split with A Country Western for last year). Frankly, this bill is insane. read more →


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