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When writing about a song or album, the convention is to use the present tense. A piece of music, although representative of and influenced by the era in which it was created, is ultimately always experienced in ~the present~. It's with this innocuous little thought nugget that we bring you the newest version of our humble home on the www.

We built this website while pondering ways that we could, at every turn, focus on discovery by bringing music we released years ago relevantly back into the present. By hand curating similar artists within our roster and meticulously sorting every album we’ve ever released by genre, we’ve spent hundreds of hours building this robust website experience to hopefully challenge how we collectively talk and think about music. New music discovery is exciting—to be real, it’s a large part of why we run a label—but so is discovering music that’s simply

new to you.

It’s our hope that you'll enjoy digitally crate digging through this new online home of ours, finding and connecting with the 223 albums we’ve released with 137 artists from all around the world over the last 14 years. Directly below are a few of our favorites to get you started.

However you’ve found yourself here presently, thanks so much for stopping by. We couldn’t do this without your support and enthusiasm.

-Mack, Kevin, Seth, & Will

t   Boyscott - Goose Bumps

Goose Bumps

Mid-Air Thief - Crumbling


Mid-Air Thief
o Alfred. - Like You!!

Like You!!

p   Thanya Iyer - Do You Dream? Mixtape

Do You Dream? Mixtape

Thanya Iyer
Really From - Verse


Really From
s Wild Ones - Heatwave


Wild Ones
h e DANGERS - The Bend in the Break

The Bend in the Break

l   Ratboys - Printer's Devil

Printer's Devil

addy - Eclipse


f   toe - For Long Tomorrow

For Long Tomorrow

Rich in melodic and textural allure, Neighborhood Watch comes from a place of contentment. Consider it a meditation on domestic bliss experienced in early adulthood. The songs on Neighborhood Watch match consummate musicianship and thoughtful songcraft with an innate gift for melody, and that lyricism is channeled through Uhlmann’s unique singing voice—soft and balmy yet also direct and affecting. more info →


One Trick Pony

/ digital
↓ ↓ ↓

On One Trick Pony, Alfred.'s imaginative self-storytelling and twisted streams of consciousness cover a striking breadth of styles across a mere six songs, dancing between dark gospel, Dilla-inflected sampling, and hypnotic bops. more info →



Shaky But My Hair Is Grown

/ digital
↓ ↓ ↓

Flung’s debut album showcases their aptitude for songcraft; Shaky But My Hair Is Grown is both restless and instantly relatable. Ambient recordings and unusual chord progressions play duets over hard hitting polyrhythms woven from glitchy samples and clipped loops. The album’s whimsical yet poignant songs venture in all directions, a scattering of textures laced together with some intangible thread. Finding cadence in assemblage, Flung never sits in one place for too long, instead inviting the listener to share in the joy of the unpredictable.

more info →




/ vinyl
/ cassette
/ digital
↓ ↓ ↓

Explosive, agile emo serves as the backdrop to guitarist and vocalists Vincent Ford and Joe Therriault's honest and vulnerable lyricism, with the two sharing the writing process on a record that tackles human nature; exploring self-doubt, resentment, complex relationships, climate change, and the waning of youth. The band never lose the sense of playfulness and fun that is omnipresent in their live show, an undeniable, electric energy that stems from being a group of close friends before all else. more info →


Sorority Noise, Ratboys // East Coast East Coast Fall Tour with Free Throw

​Currently on tour with Bayside and The Menzingers across North America and with a UK headline run and European tour with Turnover shortly thereafter, Sorority Noise deserve a break but instead they'll be playing more shows — this time on the east coast with Ratboys and JANK in tow. read more →


Sorority Noise // UK & European Tour Dates with Puppy and Turnover

Sorority Noise have announced a run of UK & European Tour Dates with Puppy and Turnover this coming October. read more →


Sorority Noise // New Music Video, US Tour with Bayside, and The Menzingers

With the release of their new album, Sorority Noise will be heading out on a full US tour with Bayside and The Menzingers! For dates and info read more →


Father/Daughter Records & Topshelf Records // 2016 SXSW Showcase

We’re partnering up with Father/Daughter Records and heading down to Austin again this March to bring you a really great show! We think F/D is one of the best labels going right now so we’re truly thrilled to partner up with their great roster for this. For show details including times and line up, read more →


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