Introducing: Knifeplay

Please welcome Knifeplay to our roster! We’re thrilled to announce that their new album Animal Drowning is out October 19, and you can hear the first single “Promise” now.

Knifeplay is a band that eludes definition, existing somewhere between the nihilistic detachment of shoegaze and the emotional honesty of folk songwriting. Originally a solo bedroom recording project of Tj Strohmer’s, they’ve made a slow and careful shift into a collaborative, production focused, studio recorded band. We’re so honored to be working with them, and can’t wait for everyone to hear this record.

“We are all born to be free people and artists, meant to go after self-actualization. But we are spit out, scared and confused, into the spiritually emaciated modern world. Most people either follow what they’re taught is ‘practical’ or just wither in that fear and confusion.” -Tj Strohmer, songwriter

Listen to "Promise" and pre-save the album on Spotify!

Knifeplay also announced that they’re going on tour! Hit a show if they’re coming through your town.

You can pre-order the record and pick up some sick Knifeplay apparel here in the shop or on Bandcamp. Animal Drowning is available on CD, cassette, and 3 vinyl variants: Gothic Red, Pink Opaque, and 180g Black.

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